GIFTED was founded in May 2017 by the architect Valeri Gyurov with the help of family and friends. Soon after the team was joined by the people of 365 association, who are behind Free Sofia Tour, Culture Tour, Communist Tour and Sofia Alternative Tour.


GIFTED is an urban space of a new type. Its mission is to present Sofia at first place and Bulgaria in general in a innovative and creative way. The space is dedicated to local artists, collectives and brands, who are trying to build the contemporary image of the capital and the country as an attractive touristic destination. Our goal is to meet interesting people, to share information and to make nice collaborations in a cozy athmosphere.


Our gallery aims to be a platform for young, talented local artists, to make interesting collaborations and projects happen, but also to pay attention to the visual heritage of the period 1944-1989 and to be the possible bridge between the different generations in Bulgarian art and design scene.

Шкафчета за багаж


We all at GIFTED love to travel and discover new places, people and experiences. That’s why we do our best on daily basis to help visitors of Sofia spend their time in the city in the best way possible.


Luggage lockers in 4 sizes:
S = 4 BGN/day
M = 8 BGN/day
L = 12 BGN/day
XL = 20 BGN/day


Halfbike rental prices:
half day = 13 BGN
one day = 25 BGN

cash deposit of 500 BGN



We are offering information about existing tours in and around the city and the region like Free Sofia Tour, Culture Tour, Communist Tour, Free Food Tour, The new pub crawl and Sofia graffiti tour.
You can sign up for following tours:
- Rila monastery and Boyana church, every day
- Seven Rila lakes, every Wednesday and Satureday
- Plovdiv, every Friday
- Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday


Here you can learn more about the tour, buy the survival kit and visit the second part of the tour at 19:30 every Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Sofia Alternative Tour


Our selection of souvenirs and gifts includes post cards, stamps, envelopes, posters, books, pins, t shirts, bags, backpacks, games, models, paintings, prints, stickers, local craft beers, quality wines and artefacts from the past in our “Lost and found” section.

You can find brands like:
SoSofia – http://sosofia.com/
Vezba – http://vezba.bg/
i/tems – https://www.i-tems.eu/
Taratanci – http://taratanci.com/
Laska by nature – https://laskabynature.com/
Lock furniture – http://lock-furniture.com/bg/
ДръвКулки – https://www.facebook.com/dravkulki/
J-Griffin – http://j-griffin.com/
Clash spray cans – http://www.clashpaint.com/en/
Lodkata – https://www.lodkata.com/bg/
Sito studio – http://sito-studio.com/
projects like “Take away Sofia” by Studio Komplekt – http://studiokomplekt.com/
and lots of other intriguing local artists and designers.


Read more about the upcoming events, new brands or products featured.

STER SOFIA / Lifestyle snapshots / A film photography exhibition

STER SOFIA / Lifestyle snapshots / A film photography exhibition

“Less talk, more action.”

Don’t just take his word for it, STER SOFIA really means business. A highly motivated man full of ideas, he is the most active writer I’ve met and one of the most active people in general. Between 2013-2016 STER went out painting on the streets every day for nearly 3 full years – 1059 consecutive days to be precise. Not long ago he discovered his interest for film photography and began documenting his daily life. He practices various sports, draws illustrations, tattoos people, screen-prints, creates his own merch, publishes zines and recently – his first photo book.

The exhibition follows STER on his trips between Sofia, Copenhagen and Moscow. We’ll take a detour from popular tourist spots in order to appreciate the atmosphere of his lifestyle. See the places where STER’s interests have taken him to. Meet the people he met along his way. Be his look-out when he’s out painting.

Join us on the fatal Friday the 13th for the opening of STER’s first photography exhibition. Over 50 photos will be on display, a number of hand-made silver prints and other colour and black and white prints.

Drinks from Jameson Irish Whiskey will make sure your Friday mood is ‘ON’.

The opening is at 19:00h in Gifted Sofia’s gallery at Ivan Denkoglu 24!

Photography – STER SOFIA
Curator – Konstantin Radev

More from STER:

Последвай стъпките с Таратанци 1-6 септември

Последвай стъпките с Таратанци 1-6 септември

Началото: септември 2014 година. Като членове на екип „Култура“ по време на третото издание на форума „Идеите – това сме ние“ се събират няколко дотогава непознати. Цел? Търсят промяната.

…Три години по-късно – на 5-ти септември, каним всички вас – приятели, партньори и съмишленици, за да ви покажем продължението на историята, как се стигна до каузата и мисията на „Таратанци“ днес, какво сме намислили занапред…

Заповядайте на сладка приказка, на чаша вино и, защо не, да си поговорим за бъдещи съвместни творчески планове! Ще ви представим и част от изложбата „Последвай Стъпките“, с която през 2017 година оставяме следи по пътищата на България. […]

Write or ride, 7-20 септември

Write or ride, 7-20 септември


Графити и скейт? Какво общо имат тези две субкултури по между си? Това ще се опитаме да разберем в рамките на изложбата Write or ride.

Концепцията е дело на GIFTED, а кураторът Валери Гюров е поканил 18 артиста и крюта + 2 специални гости, които да използват чиста дъска за скейт като отправна точка в своята работа.

Участници / Artists:

Алекси Иванов Aleksi Ivanov
Dark / Pyrotechnix Crew


Do you have a potential project that we can discuss or you just want to get in touch with us?
Send us an email : welcome@giftedsofia.com or just use the contact form below:

  Ivan Denkoglu Str. 24, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

  Working Hours:
Monday – Sunday
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
2:00 PM – 7:30 PM