GIFTED was founded in May 2017 by the architect Valeri Gyurov with the help of family and friends. Soon after the team was joined by the people of 365 association, who are behind Free Sofia Tour, Culture Tour, Communist Tour and Sofia Alternative Tour.


GIFTED is an urban space of a new type. Its mission is to present Sofia at first place and Bulgaria in general in a innovative and creative way. The space is dedicated to local artists, collectives and brands, who are trying to build the contemporary image of the capital and the country as an attractive touristic destination. Our goal is to meet interesting people, to share information and to make nice collaborations in a cozy athmosphere.


Our gallery aims to be a platform for young, talented local artists, to make interesting collaborations and projects happen, but also to pay attention to the visual heritage of the period 1944-1989 and to be the possible bridge between the different generations in Bulgarian art and design scene.

Шкафчета за багаж


We all at GIFTED love to travel and discover new places, people and experiences. That’s why we do our best on daily basis to help visitors of Sofia spend their time in the city in the best way possible.


Luggage lockers in 4 sizes:
S = 4 BGN/day
M = 8 BGN/day
L = 12 BGN/day
XL = 20 BGN/day


Halfbike rental prices:
half day = 13 BGN
one day = 25 BGN

cash deposit of 500 BGN



We are offering information about existing tours in and around the city and the region like Free Sofia Tour, Culture Tour, Communist Tour, Free Food Tour, The new pub crawl and Sofia graffiti tour.
You can sign up for following tours:
- Rila monastery and Boyana church, every day
- Seven Rila lakes, every Wednesday and Satureday
- Plovdiv, every Friday
- Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday


Here you can learn more about the tour, buy the survival kit and visit the second part of the tour at 19:30 every Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Sofia Alternative Tour


Our selection of souvenirs and gifts includes post cards, stamps, envelopes, posters, books, pins, t shirts, bags, backpacks, games, models, paintings, prints, stickers, local craft beers, quality wines and artefacts from the past in our “Lost and found” section.

You can find brands like:
SoSofia – http://sosofia.com/
Vezba – http://vezba.bg/
i/tems – https://www.i-tems.eu/
Taratanci – http://taratanci.com/
Laska by nature – https://laskabynature.com/
Lock furniture – http://lock-furniture.com/bg/
ДръвКулки – https://www.facebook.com/dravkulki/
J-Griffin – http://j-griffin.com/
Clash spray cans – http://www.clashpaint.com/en/
Lodkata – https://www.lodkata.com/bg/
Sito studio – http://sito-studio.com/
projects like “Take away Sofia” by Studio Komplekt – http://studiokomplekt.com/
and lots of other intriguing local artists and designers.


Read more about the upcoming events, new brands or products featured.

Central European traveling idea – Bratislava, Prague and Budapest for a week

Central European traveling idea – Bratislava, Prague and Budapest for a week

Everything started with the spontaneous booking of a cheap flight traveling from Sofia to Bratislava.

So far, so good, but what do you do with 7 days in the capital of Slovakia? The answer for us was quite easy – we go to see Prague and Budapest as well.

So we spent our first and our last night in the calm Bratislava. The city is super relaxed and quite walkable. Besides you can also take some of the trams in the center. We definately recommend checking the view from the UFO above Danube. If you have time, go to Danubiana Art Museum or to the Kazmik tv tower.

We were very happy to discover that even last minute there is a great connection from Bratislava to Prague thanks to RegioJet, their trains are super equipped, you get free water and wifi for just 9,90 euro!

Once in Prague we took our time to check some of the beautiful parks the city got.

Letna, Strahov and Parukarka are just few to mention. If you are looking for original locally designed gifts, you should definaately check Pragtique.

Unfortunately there was no direct train connection to Budapest, so we were sitting once again in the RegioJet, this time taking advantage of their board menu ( coffee, water and juice are free : ), then we switched to a bus. The Hungarian capital welcomed us with the Erzsébet téri park, where mostly young people were chilling day and night.

The whole Budapest Design District is worth a walk, with lots of nice shops, bars, clubs and a lovely food court.

In terms of gifts we highly recommend checking Printa,  Fian Koncept and Rododendron.

Budapest has also some amazing metro stations on line 4, be sure to check them out. The historical line 1 is the 3rd oldest in Europe, also worth a ride: )

( For more interesting blog post – visit GiftedSofia’s blog )


GLOW with the FLOW – first solo show of Glowgraff

GLOW with the FLOW – first solo show of Glowgraff

We are very happy to announce that on April 3 our friend GLOW  is opening his first solo show in our gallery at 24 Ivan Denkoglu str. at 7 PM, so you better save the date.

GLOW has been active in the graffiti scene of Sofia since early 2000. Within the years he was working with both letters and figures, nowadays he is focused not on the letters themselves, but more and more on the flow of colors, shapes and composition.

In the show he is presenting canvases, interventions on the walls of the space and his recent collaboration with the craft beers Ah!


3 April, 7 PM

Going through 16 April

Deyan Parouchev – Out of stage project, photography exhibition

Deyan Parouchev – Out of stage project, photography exhibition

Out of Stage Project

“Out of stage” is an artistic project directed by Deyan Parouchev with professional dancers in original
locations across Europe. The dancers are invited to perform in curious and original places, as far as possible
from the traditional Opera/theaters stages world. The entire project is in black and white, with mixed
fashion/advertising techniques of light applied to the world of contemporary dance.
The aim of the project is to show that the dance is a universal form of art magnified by the people and the places,
whatever where it takes place.

Insect’s Secrets by Boris Pramatarov, 16.01. – 30.01.2018

Insect’s Secrets by Boris Pramatarov, 16.01. – 30.01.2018

Insect’s Secrets
by Boris Pramatarov
16.01. – 30.01.2018 […]


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