GIFTED was founded in May 2017 by the architect Valeri Gyurov with the help of family and friends. Soon after the team was joined by the people of 365 association, who are behind Free Sofia Tour, Culture Tour, Communist Tour and Sofia Alternative Tour.


GIFTED is an urban space of a new type. Its mission is to present Sofia at first place and Bulgaria in general in a innovative and creative way. The space is dedicated to local artists, collectives and brands, who are trying to build the contemporary image of the capital and the country as an attractive touristic destination. Our goal is to meet interesting people, to share information and to make nice collaborations in a cozy athmosphere.


Our gallery aims to be a platform for young, talented local artists, to make interesting collaborations and projects happen, but also to pay attention to the visual heritage of the period 1944-1989 and to be the possible bridge between the different generations in Bulgarian art and design scene.

Шкафчета за багаж


We all at GIFTED love to travel and discover new places, people and experiences. That’s why we do our best on daily basis to help visitors of Sofia spend their time in the city in the best way possible.


Luggage lockers in 4 sizes:
S = 5 BGN/day
M = 10 BGN/day
L = 15 BGN/day
XL = 25 BGN/day


Halfbike rental prices:
half day = 13 BGN
one day = 25 BGN

cash deposit of 500 BGN or 250 EUR



We are offering information about existing tours in and around the city and the region like Free Sofia Tour, Culture Tour, Communist Tour, Free Food Tour, The new pub crawl and Sofia graffiti tour.
You can sign up for following tours:
- Rila monastery and Boyana church, every day
- Seven Rila lakes, every Wednesday and Satureday
- Plovdiv, every Friday
- Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday


Here you can learn more about the tour, buy the survival kit and start the tour at 3 PM every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
20 BGN/per person
18 BGN/ p.p for groups of 2
16 BGN/p.p for groups of 3 and more

Sofia Alternative Tour


Our selection of souvenirs and gifts includes post cards, stamps, envelopes, posters, books, pins, t shirts, bags, backpacks, games, models, paintings, prints, stickers, local craft beers, quality wines and artefacts from the past in our “Lost and found” section.

You can find brands like:
SoSofia – http://sosofia.com/
Vezba – http://vezba.bg/
i/tems – https://www.i-tems.eu/
Taratanci – http://taratanci.com/
Laska by nature – https://laskabynature.com/
Lock furniture – http://lock-furniture.com/bg/
ДръвКулки – https://www.facebook.com/dravkulki/
J-Griffin – http://j-griffin.com/
Clash spray cans – http://www.clashpaint.com/en/
Lodkata – https://www.lodkata.com/bg/
Sito studio – http://sito-studio.com/
projects like “Take away Sofia” by Studio Komplekt – http://studiokomplekt.com/
and lots of other intriguing local artists and designers.


Read more about the upcoming events, new brands or products featured.

Stefan Kanchev – the icon of Bulgarian graphic design

Stefan Kanchev – the icon of Bulgarian graphic design

Stefan Kanchev, the true icon and “father” of Bulgarian graphic design, was born on August 6, 1915 in Kalofer with his father being an iconographer. He studied mural painting in the National Art Academy between 1940 and 1945 in the class of prof. Dechko Uzunov.


Sofia sportscar legend from the 80s

Sofia sportscar legend from the 80s

Bulgaria might be not famous with its car industry, but the prototype sportscar called Sofia from the 80s is a story worth mentioning. The Sofia car is meant to be the first ever Bulgarian sportscar and was a project of the enthusiastic engineer Velizar Andreev. He did first prototypes of a sportscar already in the 60s, later on in the 70s he was working on a buggy prototyp with the help of some mechanical engineering students.  […]

Roundtrip to monuments from the communist era in Bulgaria

Roundtrip to monuments from the communist era in Bulgaria

Even though Bulgaria is relatively small, it is one of the countries with the largest number of monuments in the world, most of them were built during the communist era. They are dispersed over most towns and villages, as well as many peaks, forests and other remote spots. The erection of memorial symbols began immediately after the achieving independence from Ottoman rule. However, the true boom in their construction started in the communist era, when over a thousand different sized monuments were built in less than 50 years.

So, let’s make a roundtrip to the best examples!


Central European traveling idea – Bratislava, Prague and Budapest for a week

Central European traveling idea – Bratislava, Prague and Budapest for a week

Everything started with the spontaneous booking of a cheap flight traveling from Sofia to Bratislava, so far, so good, but what do you do with 7 days in the capital of Slovakia – the answer for us was quite easy – we go to see Prague and Budapest as well!



Do you have a potential project that we can discuss or you just want to get in touch with us?
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Enjoy the best places to see in Sofia with a plan including GIFTED SOFIA