Bulgaria might be not famous with its car industry, but the prototype sportscar called Sofia from the 80s is a story worth mentioning. The Sofia car is meant to be the first ever Bulgarian sportscar and was a project of the enthusiastic engineer Velizar Andreev. He did first prototypes of a sportscar already in the 60s, later on in the 70s he was working on a buggy prototyp with the help of some mechanical engineering students. 

Even though Bulgaria is relatively small, it is one of the countries with the largest number of monuments in the world, most of them were built during the communist era. They are dispersed over most towns and villages, as well as many peaks, forests and other remote spots. The erection of memorial symbols began immediately after the achieving independence from Ottoman rule. However, the true boom in their construction started in the communist era, when over a thousand different sized monuments were built in less than 50 years. So, let's make a roundtrip to the best examples!


You are staying already too long in Sofia and wonder where to go and what to visit outside of the capital?

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