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Insect’s Secrets by Boris Pramatarov, 16.01. – 30.01.2018

Insect’s Secrets
by Boris Pramatarov
16.01. – 30.01.2018

Opening: 16.01., Τuesday, 6 pm
„Gifted”, Ivan Denkoglu St. 24, Sofia

The exibition includes
the drawings from the series “Insects’ secrets”,
prints and artists books.

„The insects don’t have dreams.
These silent observers
don’t know good or bad, beautiful or ugly.
They do not involve.
They are witnesses who do not judge. The Insects live here and now.
In the world of the insects future and past are incomprehensible. Their law is the one of the pure survival and existence.
They perform the life in front of my eyes
and their movements reflect the sadness and the celebrations,
the beginning and the end. In the insects’ shadows I see my face“.

Boris Pramatarov

The exhibition is supported by Jameson Irish Whiskey

* * *
Boris Pramatarov (*1989) is a visual artist, graduated in Book and Printed Graphics at the Bulgarian National Academy of Art and Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium. He has six solo’ exhibitions in Sofia, Brussels, Belgrade and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Paris (“400 dessins à vif”, Gallery Lavignes Bastille, 2012), Vienna (Wittgenstein House, 2012), New York (“Anxiety”, Exhibition of illustrations in NY Times Opinion Blog, Gallery 7 of NY Times, 2013), Maribor (Mundus Vade Retro International Exhibition, KIBLA Portal, 2014), Daejeon (“Alienation & Anti-alienation”, SSEE Space, 2014), etc. Author of five artist’s books: “My Demons” (2012, Sofia), “Doppelgänger” (2013, Sofia), “Amygdala” (2013, United Dead Artists Publishers, Paris), “Cherophobia” (2015, Gallery E2& L’Appât, Brussels),“The Observer” (2016, Le dernier cri Publishers, Marseille). His drawings have been published in The New York Times, De Standaard, etc. “Postindustrial” (2015) is his first animated film based on original poem by Kaloyan Pramatarov and produced by Compote Collective.

Boris Pramatarov


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