Фотографска излижба - Константин Величков

Photography exhibition Konstantin Velichkov / 27.10 – 16.11. 2017 /

Everything started 13 years ago when I got my first personal camera, or maybe even further back in time. I can still clearly remember a small film camera, that a friend brought in kinder-garden. When I was 18 I started to observe and catch moments, initially experimenting with light, details and shapes, searching for the beauty of the small things. I was shooting everything, like a kid opening his eyes for the first time. My curiosity for photography and I grew up together, passing through different periods of searching and finding.

I remember also my first trek in Pirin mountain, from Vihren hut to Yavorov hut, 12 hours in which the leg fatigue and the heavy backpack were pale against what my eyes were seeing, I was breathing deeply, and shooting as much as I could. I was captured by the steep slopes of the surrounding peaks and sharp rocky ridges. The mountain proved to be not only a strong pulling force, but also an impressive painter and I wanted to capture her paintings. To this day when I am documenting moments, I aim to show things the way they are, adding a piece of the emotion in that moment.

Through the years the topics varied between people, concerts, extreme sports and landscapes, and for a long time I was trying to find what the most attractive thing was for me. Naturally the mountain prevailed. The cold wind, and the shapes it is painting in the snow, the shining of the snow whirlwinds, the silhouettes of the rocky peaks, the crash of an avalanche, the rivers surrounded by giants and a piece of the emotion in that moment, these are all things that I would like to share with you in this selection of 15 framed photos!

Welcome to the opening on Friday 27.10.2017, 19:00 in Gifted Sofia



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