Gifted Sofia – The Place to Store Your Luggage in Sofia City Centre!

Looking for public lockers in Sofia?

Visiting Sofia or just spending a few hours in the city? In any case, if you want to do some sightseeing or go shopping, you can easily get rid of your heavy bags and let us keep them safe while you are having some fun.

Why choose Gifted Sofia’s Locker rooms?

Besides leaving your luggage you can also get a local advice from our friendly staff on best things to do in Sofia. You can shop Bulgarian designed souvenirs get discounts for tours and attractions in Sofia.

A toilet, wifi, phone chargers, and printer service are available for free as well.

Storage Room Prices:

Your size of luggage is our size of a locker, and you can be 100% sure this will be the best value for money offer in town. Just decide how much space you would like to book and choose among the following options (sizes are shown in length/height/depth).

The base price starts from 2,50 euro/day!

Size S: 5 BGN/day
35x35x35 см

Ideal for a small bag, backpack or helmet for example.

Size M1: 10 BGN/day
70x35x35 см

Just enough to hold two small bags or two backpacks.

Size M2: 10 BGN/day
71:70×35 см

Again just enough to hold two small bags or two backpacks.

Size M3: 10 BGN/day
35x35x108 см

Ideal for three small bags or two slightly bulky backpacks.

Size L: 15 BGN/day
35x70x108 см

It is enough to hold three small bags (hand luggage) or two suitcases.

Size XL: 25 BGN/day
66x70x108 см

Can collect up to five small bags (hand baggage) or 2 suitcases.

Prices per day
Pay with Cash
Pay with Card on spot
No booking needed

Your luggage will not weigh!
Leave it in Gifted Sofia so that it does not matter to you too!


Gifted Sofia’s location is just perfect – in the city centre, near all landmarks and many shopping places, cafes and restaurants.

You can easily find us at  24 ‘Ivan Denkoglu’ Str.

Just 600 meters from the main metro station Serdika (which leads to the airport and central bus and rail stations).

We are open every day of the week 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM/ 1:30 PM – 7:30 PM

What kind of luggage I can place in your storage space?

A few hours to hang out in Sofia before you catch your flight? No matter what you need to carry with you, we will keep it safe, so you can relax and feel free of the responsibility to keep an eye on it every single second – checked in luggage, cabin bags, helmets, skateboards, cameras or whatever you can think of. Come drop off your bags and go have fun!

Still wondering why chose Gifted Sofia’s lockers?

Here are few more reasons why:

Because you do not want to carry your big heavy bags or suitcases all over the city – it’s supposed to be fun, not an exercise, right?

Because you want your luggage to be safe without the need of keeping an eye on it every single second… It will be a shame if you are not able to make any proper photo or a selfie, because you are cautious of your bags not being stolen or forgotten!

Because you are traveling on your own, and you want to go shopping or just sit somewhere to have a good meal, without lugging all your bags in the changing rooms, lavatories and wherever else in the city.

Because it is not only super cheap, but a lot more convenient as well!

Because you can also go for any other of the services Gifted Sofia offers – get an advice from our friendly staff on best things to do in Sofia, shop Bulgarian designed souvenirs and get discounts for tours and attractions.

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    Terms & Conditions

    Please note that we do not offer insurance. Customers remain responsible for all values left at the lockers and Gifted declines all liability. The Customer is responsible for his/her luggage and its contents. Animals and food are forbidden to be stored in the lockers. We advice to not leave your ID/passport and money in the lockers.