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Baba Marta is a story inspired by Bulgarian folktales, the tradition of martenitsi (thin double strand bracelets made of twisted red and white yarn), and the March 1st holiday celebrated all over Bulgaria.

Baba Marta is a fickle grumpy woman who lives high up in the mountains. Her mood can change the seasons and bring icy winds or warm sun rays. As Baba Marta becomes unhappy, winter arrives. Snow piles up for months. Papa and Penda, who live further down the mountain, endure this long cold winter. Finally, they decide to do something to change Baba Marta’s mood and help the return of green grass, flowers, and warm nights. Will their plan work? Will Baba Marta ever smile and bring back spring?

About the author
Anna Linnea graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a B.A in International Relations and completed a Masters in Library Science at Indiana University. She has worked in Paraguay and Bulgaria for the last 5+ years as a PreK-12 Librarian.Anna likes green bananas with peanut butter, cheese, and hot sauce (but not all together). She enjoys staring at beautiful art and often misses her parents who live far away from her. Anna shares her home with her two dogs Chipita and Banichka.About the illustrator
Olga Poljakowa lives in Hamburg and Sleswig-Holstein, Germany and loves walks in the forest and along the coasts. She finds inspiration in conversations with family and friends, travel and books. Olga is self-employed, with her main focus on book illustration. Before that she worked for 10 years as art director for advertising agencies in Hamburg. Her diplomas are from Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design and the Art School at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. She completed additional studies in History of Art at the State Museum Hermitage.

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